“I found Kristin on Instagram. I originally commented on a post of her’s because she referenced the University of Illinois and I felt compelled to let her know my grandma lives in a corn field not to far away from there.

I enjoyed the content that she offered on her feed. A refreshing mix of yoga, poetry, and dancing videos. We both practice Ashtanga yoga and I enjoyed her poetry so much so that I bought her eBook. (You should also buy her eBook.) I haven’t made a dancing video yet, but never say never. I became interested in what she had to offer as an online teacher when she posted a video about how her dance background gave her “bullet proof” knees. I had knee surgery in high school and haven’t been kind to them since. At first I wasn’t sure about taking an online yoga class, but the promise of better knees was too good to pass up.

Kristin did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating techniques that have greatly improved the condition of my knees. I have been incorporating her techniques into my everyday stretching routine for over three months. My knees aren’t quit “bullet proof” yet, but years of damage won’t be repaired overnight. Kristin also put together informative and insightful yoga flows and guided meditations as a part of her online course, she even helped me figure out my pelvic floor.

Kristin is a true creator. She uses her words to share her experiences and encourages others to do the same. Her emails are thought provoking, full of deep content, and often provide a prompt or question to write about. She provided prompts and fostered creativity in her online course as well.

And how could anyone not be inspired by the power, beauty, and grace that go into Kristin’s dancing videos? On top of all that she is genuine person who is invested in her students even if you just know her from the internet.”

Roderick Huelsman

“I consider Kristin to truly be MY yoga teacher; and the wonderful thing about that is that I think most of her students would say they feel the same about her.

I started going to Kristin’s classes and getting into yoga when I was going through a really dark time in my life. Kristin helped me connect with and confront my innermost self and heal during this tough time. She pushed me to do my best and also challenged me to go further with her wonderful hands-on adjustments.

Whether in her Ashtanga or flow classes, Kristin has a refreshingly real approach to yoga; none of the “woo-woo” yoga stereotypes here- just breath and asana. She truly encourages and guides her students to find acceptance of where each one is at today.

She is a true living model of “practice and all is coming”, both in yoga and in life. Kristin began as my yoga teacher, but has truly become a dear life-long friend.”

Stefanie Greene

“I happened upon a yoga class one evening that was taught by Kristin. I was new to the area, recently moving from a much much larger city. From what I could find there weren’t a ton of yoga options in my new home so I chose this studio and class, and it certainly changed my entire experience living there.

I came to Kristin’s class already a certified and working yoga teacher. I wasn’t just looking for a ‘good flow.’ I was looking to learn something, to be challenged, and to connect with a community.

I got all that I wanted and more. Kristin’s flow classes are expertly sequenced to move your body in a safe way, but also encourage you to find your edge in each posture or transition, all while putting a large emphasis on how you’re breathing.

She also reignited my Ashtanga practice. Her guidance, adjustments, and ‘tough but fair’ assistance really helped me get out of my head and on to my mat.

She lives the teaching she shares putting in countless hours of work on her own mat. I’m continually in awe of her dedication to her practice. She also takes the time in each class to help every person that showed up, even when her classes are packed.

She made me a better teacher and a better practitioner.”

Mallory McMunigal

“I practiced yoga with Kristin for about two years (and would still if we hadn’t both moved away). I hadn’t been practicing for very long before finding her classes at Amara Yoga and Arts in Urbana, IL, and I credit her knowledgeable and effective teaching for giving me a solid foundation for my practice. I was drawn to her classes because it was clear that the sequencing was thoughtful and intentional. I quickly began to choose which classes to attend based on what she was teaching, and I almost certainly would not have been brave enough to attend a Power Flow class if she hadn’t been the teacher. (You should go, too, even if you’re nervous.) Having experienced her teaching in a variety of contexts (flow, Ashtanga, Mysore, workshops, intensives, and private lessons), I would recommend being taught by Kristin in any setting.

Kristin strikes a nice balance between intellectual and experiential teaching. I appreciated that she had a robust knowledge of anatomy but also encouraged her students to connect with the sensations we felt in our own bodies. Kristin is encouraging but firm; I was pretty sure I couldn’t get away with slacking but also felt the freedom to practice less intensely if that’s what my body needed. Before I moved away, I spent about a year practicing with Kristin several times a week in Mysore classes. This method makes a lot of sense to me, and I have a dedicated and consistent practice as a result of these classes. I relied on Kristin to challenge me and to help me advance in my practice safely and with intention. I have complete trust in Kristin and always felt comfortable with her hands-on assists and verbal instructions. It was clear that her recommendations were thoughtful and grounded in a familiarity with my abilities and limits.

When I moved away, I was most disappointed about giving up a regular yoga practice with Kristin. I have no reservations in recommending her teaching, and if you have the chance to take her classes, you should.”


Dr. Kristin Seemuth Whaley

“I started attending yoga classes with Kristin when I first began practicing yoga. I immediately found them to be challenging in a way that motivated me.

As a 30-year-old man, I was skeptical that I’d stick with yoga, and I didn’t think I’d be able to do very many postures at all. When I started going to Kristin’s classes, it became apparent that she is not only very invested in the practice of yoga, but also very knowledgeable. This made me, a complete beginner, feel equipped to take on the challenge of a new practice.

It’s clear that Kristin is invested in her students, and I appreciated that investment despite my lack of flexibility. She knew which assists and adjustments were going to be productive for me and help me progress in my practice. I’ve been practicing yoga for two and a half years now and I can attribute much of the growth in my personal practice to Kristin’s instruction.”


David Whaley