“I practiced yoga with Kristin for about two years (and would still if we hadn’t both moved away). I hadn’t been practicing for very long before finding her classes at Amara Yoga and Arts in Urbana, IL, and I credit her knowledgeable and effective teaching for giving me a solid foundation for my practice. I was drawn to her classes because it was clear that the sequencing was thoughtful and intentional. I quickly began to choose which classes to attend based on what she was teaching, and I almost certainly would not have been brave enough to attend a Power Flow class if she hadn’t been the teacher. (You should go, too, even if you’re nervous.) Having experienced her teaching in a variety of contexts (flow, Ashtanga, Mysore, workshops, intensives, and private lessons), I would recommend being taught by Kristin in any setting.

Kristin strikes a nice balance between intellectual and experiential teaching. I appreciated that she had a robust knowledge of anatomy but also encouraged her students to connect with the sensations we felt in our own bodies. Kristin is encouraging but firm; I was pretty sure I couldn’t get away with slacking but also felt the freedom to practice less intensely if that’s what my body needed. Before I moved away, I spent about a year practicing with Kristin several times a week in Mysore classes. This method makes a lot of sense to me, and I have a dedicated and consistent practice as a result of these classes. I relied on Kristin to challenge me and to help me advance in my practice safely and with intention. I have complete trust in Kristin and always felt comfortable with her hands-on assists and verbal instructions. It was clear that her recommendations were thoughtful and grounded in a familiarity with my abilities and limits.

When I moved away, I was most disappointed about giving up a regular yoga practice with Kristin. I have no reservations in recommending her teaching, and if you have the chance to take her classes, you should.”


― Dr. Kristin Seemuth Whaley