I’ve been attending Kristin’s Ashtanga classes for the past year and recently had a chance to join a few long-form workshops and even do a private session as well. She is a fantastic teacher with a soothing, non-judgmental style. Her knowledge and experience are evident in the way how she is able to make the class valuable for both experienced and novice practitioners at the same time. For those of us who are newer, she offers modifications and very helpful adjustments, helping us understand what our body can do. For those who are more experienced, there are always helpful nuggets about finer points, such as where exactly the weight should be or what muscle group should be working the hardest in a particular posture. You would think that Ashtanga is a set sequence with similar prompts in every session, but Kristin always makes sure there is something new to learn every time in a way that sticks. This has resulted in stable progress with a steady supply of epiphanies for me, despite not being the most flexible or athletic person. She also does a really good job adjusting the practice to who is in class, so that it’s an experience that makes sense for the skill level of the yogis: challenging, but not impossible. I know I am not the only one enjoying her teaching style, because there is a stable group of regulars that come to her classes and sign up for workshops whenever Kristin is teaching. I am really happy I discovered Ashtanga and Kristin’s teaching helped me fall in love with it. I really see myself continuing to make Ashtanga part of my life under Kristin’s guidance (and on my own!) for years to come.

― Hanna Maksymova