“I happened upon a yoga class one evening that was taught by Kristin. I was new to the area, recently moving from a much much larger city. From what I could find there weren’t a ton of yoga options in my new home so I chose this studio and class, and it certainly changed my entire experience living there.

I came to Kristin’s class already a certified and working yoga teacher. I wasn’t just looking for a ‘good flow.’ I was looking to learn something, to be challenged, and to connect with a community.

I got all that I wanted and more. Kristin’s flow classes are expertly sequenced to move your body in a safe way, but also encourage you to find your edge in each posture or transition, all while putting a large emphasis on how you’re breathing.

She also reignited my Ashtanga practice. Her guidance, adjustments, and ‘tough but fair’ assistance really helped me get out of my head and on to my mat.

She lives the teaching she shares putting in countless hours of work on her own mat. I’m continually in awe of her dedication to her practice. She also takes the time in each class to help every person that showed up, even when her classes are packed.

She made me a better teacher and a better practitioner.”

― Mallory McMunigal