“I found Kristin on Instagram. I originally commented on a post of her’s because she referenced the University of Illinois and I felt compelled to let her know my grandma lives in a corn field not to far away from there.

I enjoyed the content that she offered on her feed. A refreshing mix of yoga, poetry, and dancing videos. We both practice Ashtanga yoga and I enjoyed her poetry so much so that I bought her eBook. (You should also buy her eBook.) I haven’t made a dancing video yet, but never say never. I became interested in what she had to offer as an online teacher when she posted a video about how her dance background gave her “bullet proof” knees. I had knee surgery in high school and haven’t been kind to them since. At first I wasn’t sure about taking an online yoga class, but the promise of better knees was too good to pass up.

Kristin did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating techniques that have greatly improved the condition of my knees. I have been incorporating her techniques into my everyday stretching routine for over three months. My knees aren’t quit “bullet proof” yet, but years of damage won’t be repaired overnight. Kristin also put together informative and insightful yoga flows and guided meditations as a part of her online course, she even helped me figure out my pelvic floor.

Kristin is a true creator. She uses her words to share her experiences and encourages others to do the same. Her emails are thought provoking, full of deep content, and often provide a prompt or question to write about. She provided prompts and fostered creativity in her online course as well.

And how could anyone not be inspired by the power, beauty, and grace that go into Kristin’s dancing videos? On top of all that she is genuine person who is invested in her students even if you just know her from the internet.”

― Roderick Huelsman