“I consider Kristin to truly be MY yoga teacher; and the wonderful thing about that is that I think most of her students would say they feel the same about her.

I started going to Kristin’s classes and getting into yoga when I was going through a really dark time in my life. Kristin helped me connect with and confront my innermost self and heal during this tough time. She pushed me to do my best and also challenged me to go further with her wonderful hands-on adjustments.

Whether in her Ashtanga or flow classes, Kristin has a refreshingly real approach to yoga; none of the “woo-woo” yoga stereotypes here- just breath and asana. She truly encourages and guides her students to find acceptance of where each one is at today.

She is a true living model of “practice and all is coming”, both in yoga and in life. Kristin began as my yoga teacher, but has truly become a dear life-long friend.”

― Stefanie Greene